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Annual Herbal Subscription 

Boxes are Shipped out in December, March, June, and October. 





Rest and Receive
*Winter Box*

Winter boxes are being mailed out in early December 2022 in time for the Holidays. 

Winter Box 

The ecstatic form of fruit and flower is called into being in the numinous dark.  Here and now in the long winter, warm your soul by this creative spark. If you don’t feel it at first. That’s okay. Rest is the very first step. Ponder the balance between stillness and stagnation. Do not push the silence to speak. Surrender into the formless void, the gestative night. 


  Welcome to Winter. 

This winter we are focusing on the Kidney's, Adrenals, Bladder, Bone and Nervous system. Each Product is formulated to support these structures and their influence over the health of soul and soma. Winter Box includes An Adrenal tonic, a kidney nourishing tea, an herbal essence for boundaries and settling in to your own timing, a nervous system repairing body oil and a soothing and remineralaizing foot soak. 

What Comes in Each Box



4-6 Herbal Products

These products are hand crafted in our kitchens.

The teas, tinctures, body oils and essences you will receive are alive with wisdom. Each herbal product has been formulated with the intention to support the specific bodily systems that are activated during the different times of the year. We hope you will spend time throughout the season engaging with each one like a new acquaintance.  Getting to know one another, listening to their medicine and receiving their healing. 


A Seasonal Guide 

We're weaving together eastern frameworks, western archetypes and our own stories and experiences. A heaven and earth convergence to root you into the medicine that is individual to each season. You'll receive a distillation of themes and correlates of organ systems, elements, emotions, herbs, and practices that are the primary focus of each turning. The ancients discovered a blueprint for health that spirals on the axis of time. Whether this is news to you or you're already on this path, the seasonal guide will help you tap into this way of living to nourish you mind body and soul. 



A Ritual 

In your box, you'll find a ritual that can be done once or incorporated into a daily or weekly routine. It is used to strengthen the ecological relationships you have with your environment, body and soul. Rituals speak to the places inside of us that sometimes words won't touch. An intentional act that invites us into openness and to trust to receive exactly what we need. 


Cosmic Influence 

Just as life on earth, the stars and planets are always in motion- a great cosmic mirror. In the same way we receive nurturing from the land, the sky bends to meet us in each moment. In your box, you will receive a guide to follow along with the planetary patterns that are moving each season. The intention with this guide is to bring you into an awareness of the archetypical energies that govern the passing of time. We also give you some pointers on how to use each product in alignment with the cosmos. 

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