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Saint John's Wort Infused Almond Oil, Tahoe Basin White Pine Oleoresin, White Fir EO.


This body oil was made to help you get through the darkest months of the year. Sain't Johns Wort is a traditional remedy for melancholy and a tonic for your nervous system. 


While the other products in the winter line are made with herbs that are ruled by feminine energies, Sain't Johns Wort, White Pine and White fir are ruled by the Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter which provide a balancing energy of the masculine. This solar, bright, warming energy contains and gives a boundary to the watery,  nebulous, feminine aspects of this season. We invite you to dip into this body oil a few times a week to soak up its physical and energetic properties. Head to toe body oiling is an ancient ritual that is found in many traditional cultures. The nervous system is encased in fat, like insulation for electrical wires. Soaking up a layer of warm oil through your skin can start to repair short circuits + frayed ends in your nervous system.

Liquid Sun Body Oil

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